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Try the Stand Alone here: https://miimoka.itch.io/copcq

To celebrate the release of the alpha I offer 5 free keys to the authors of the first comments and a key for each of the followers of BBG. Thank you all. To hear the game you can buy it here at a small price, it will be available soon on Steam for a little more expensive.

Hi guys, I am an amateur devellopeur, I already have some titles to my credit and here is the latest one which is none other than the reboot of my first project named BBG for Blue Beam Game.

So the final result is a FPS TPS BattleRoyale Sand Box inspired by Day Z, PUBG and Unturned.

This game is in early alpha development, At the moment there is only one map available but will be added later.

You can play several game modes, Classic BR, Gun Only or Melee Only.

The battleroyale mode is almost ready like the one of PUBG however you will need some anti radiation for survive longer.

The description as well as the content of the game is to change as the game progresses.

For the moment you must leave the game at the end of the game to avoid the soft lock, and do not forget to use the map in connection with the game mode.

You can host a game in online and lan, and you can use the lan mode for the solo/training

The first card available is a size of 2km².

Actually the game is locked at 16 players, but you can add 99 AI; with ~50% Zombies 50% AIBots.

Contact: mokabbggame@gmail.com

My other game: https://miimoka.itch.io/tioo


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CallOfPixel_launcher.zip 8 MB


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i wanna play but need a key can i still get one?

Hi, the game is here, the battlegrounds will come soon : https://miimoka.itch.io/copcq

Ok. Let's try it!

ok,lts launch it ^_^

Hi Ha22aN, This is for you. SEP4-A0PV-6VNZ-25QU




honestly this seems like and interesting game. What con I do to get it.


A small comment is enough, I offer a key to the 5 first person who will post a comment, so here is for you: 41PX-6KFU-QW18-IH3O

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I'll do a video for you right now .................... except i can't as I need a key :(


No problem, as indicated above I offer 1 key to the 5 authors of the first comments, I send you this in a private message. Thank you for your interest in the game.

Here you can find the code, the password is your pseudonym : http://dl.free.fr/jEpitd3gu

Arg, i got an error 401 resource is refused



Sorry, show here :